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The probability of suffering a disability of at least 90 days during one’s working years is roughly one in four.  The vast majority of these disabilities are caused by non-work related illnesses.  

Should your time become less profitable, how important is protecting your loss of income and lifestyle?

Business Overhead Expense

Is your business dependent on a a few people to produce revenue?  

A BOE disability policy pays for actual expenses should any of the insured individuals be unable to work for an extended period of time.  

Don’t risk the momentum you or your partners have gained in business because of unfortunate events.  

Key Person

Similar to business overhead expense disability insurance, Key Person disability insurance is owned by the business and the business is the beneficiary should the key person become disabled.  

The difference is that the benefit paid can be used by the business at it’s discretion to cover any costs or replace revenue lost, regardless of any business expenses.  

For example it can be used to:

  • Cover temporary staffing costs.
  • Show financial stability/credit worthiness to a variety of stakeholders (customers, creditors, shareholders).
  • Offset the cost of finding a replacement, recruiting, loss of revenue during training, etc.

Driven By Integrity

Outstanding results require singular focus.  Now that you have the potential to provide for yourself and those who rely on you, do not be blindsided by everyday risks.  

Reach out today for Disability Insurance expert, J Wyatt Wilson, to design a plan that protects your business, family, and lifestyle. 

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